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Investment Management

Choose an Independent Investment Advisor
 over a Large National Brand

The first and foremost consideration is ensuring the custody of your assets are handled in a way that protects your interests regardless of the advisor you choose to handle investment recommendations. An independent advisor can choose to have custody or rely on the brokerage/clearing firm to retain custody in all circumstances. Bridges Capital LLC has choosen to utilize either Charles Schwab or Interactive Brokers as the recommended custodians and clearing firms.

This gives you, as the client, protections of a large national branded brokerage with services focused on you from an independent advisor. There are numerous protections, technology, and services provided to clients of Bridges Capital LLC utilizing Charles Schwab or Interactive Brokers as the custodian & clearing firm. Contact Us to find out specifics regarding your situation.

A Fiduciary Only Advisor?

Most large national branded bank/brokerages offer both fee and commission services to their clients. Fees are based on a flat, agreed-upon amount that does not change based on the amount of recommendations, trades, rebalancing, or any other advice the advisor makes regarding your situation. This is key when asking a professional for advice. Make sure the advisor is not directly compensated by your purchase of a specifc investment or rebalancing that might occur. This would create an inherent conflict of interest. A fiduciary only advisor must put your interest at all times ahead of their own. This is key. A Fiduciary only advisor such as Bridges Capital LLC does not make a commission on any specifc investment recommendation.

Advice Focused on You, not the Bank

At Bridges Capital LLC, we are both a CPA and an Investment Advisor. This type of training is extremely rare in the large national branded advisors. We are in a position to give investment advice and tax advice. Does your current Investment Advisor have a CPA? Are you getting conflicting advice from your investment advisor and your CPA? Does your CPA only look back at previous years and do "damage" control? 

Bridges Capital LLC focuses on your specific situation and as an independent advisor, has services that are not available at large national branded bank/brokerages.

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